Privacy policy for Incepto AS

Your privacy is important to us, and this policy describes how Incepto collects and process your personal details.

Incepto’s way of processing personal data may involve collecting data that can identify you directly or indirectly, storing data about you, sorting data and sharing data with third parties when there is a need to do so.

With respect to the information collected on clients, candidates, partners and suppliers, Incepto will function as a controller with respect to the processing of personal data. Under the Personal Data Act (PDA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Incepto has responsibilities and duties in its capacity as a controller. Incepto’s role of controller is performed in relation to:

– All personal data collected in the course of your interaction with us in your role as a customer and/or candidate
– Personal data on candidates and potential candidates who have accepted our terms on storage in our systems after the completion of a recruitment process,
– People who visit our website.

The Personal Data Act is based on Norwegian legislation, where Incepto holds their offices. Privacy is a mainstay in Norwegian law, which is statutory in both the constitution and other special laws. The laws mainly regard your right to privacy and the fact that you can determine your personal information.

It is our duty to inform you that giving up your personal information is voluntary in cases where you are directly giving your personal data to us.

When you are applying to a position with us or send a general inquiry, Incepto collects and process the information you give us. This regards the information given when registering a CV profile or updating your profile through “My Profile” in our system. If you are using a function through Linkedin etc. to apply to a position with us, our system will collect and store all available information to your profile with us from your profile with Linkedin etc. This is also the case if you contact us via our website, Linkedin or contact us in any other way.

We will also store your behavioral patterns. The data is collected in aggregated form from visitors on our website, for example data traffic, location data etc. Data which tells us whether you are using a laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc. will also be stored. Information regarding the various pages you might continue on from the front page will also be gathered. We may store email correspondence in some cases when you contact us. Our website also contains cookies.

You have the right to demand transparency, portability, correction and deletion on the personal data we have stored on you when you are registered in our system. Portability implies that you are entitled to have the personal data you have provided us delivered to you in a simple, machine readable format. All data portability claims must be recorded in writing. Delivery is made through automated processes. You may also request the direct transfer of such data to another controller, if technically possible.

You can delete your own profile in our system if you wish to withdraw your consent to our policies. Your profile can be deleted at any time as a candidate in our system. You can also freely change or update the information we have on you. Should you have questions regarding this you can also contact Incepto directly.

You can always contact your contact person with us, with email to or, if you want access to the information Incepto has on you, if you have any questions or input on how we process personal data.

In the case where Incepto will function as a processor of your personal data, Incepto could also present personal data to its clients and/or other collaborators of Incepto, and in cases where the processor or controller have statutory requirements to do so. Incepto will only provide necessary information to our client if this is in line with the purpose of obtaining information, that is, the M&A process, the investment process, the recruitment process and the interim management process at Incepto. Incepto will have to inform you if we wish to use the collected data for another purpose, also what this purpose is, and give you sufficient information about this. In some cases, there might be necessary to give personal data to third parties for us to offer you the best service, and to use your data effectively. Incepto is not responsible for the content and activities of the associated services, but third parties have separate and independent privacy policies. Incepto welcomes your feedback on in these areas as we want to protect the integrity of the services we provide.

Incepto’s website uses cookies. You agree that we may store cookies in your browser when you are using our website. Cookies are a standard internet technology used by most websites. A cookie is stored in your browser’s internal memory and gives us deeper insight into how you use our website. In the longer term, we use this insight to offer you a better experience the next time you visit the site. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you will have to manually choose to not accept this when you enter the website for the first time.

To fulfill agreements with our clients we process data to the necessary extent. We also process personal data when a client or a candidate has consented, for use in future processes, and to document our work. Incepto shares personal data with our clients when performing assignments. In these cases, Incepto is defined as a controller and the client as the processor. If a candidate applies through our client’s recruitment system, Incepto function as processor and the client as controller. Incepto does not share, sell or otherwise pass on personal data except as described in this privacy statement. We limit the duration we store your personal data to what is necessary for our processing purposes. And, we continuously review the necessity of our continued storage of your personal data: we continuously review and assess whether to keep or delete data.

When deleting terminated user accounts our database is backed up regularly and the information will remain in our backups for 30 days, after which the backup is deleted. If the further retention of your personal data is necessary for the purposes that are specified by law, we can further retain your personal data.

Incepto will update its privacy statement continuously to ensure compliance with applicable rules. An electronic copy of the privacy statement will be made available on our website at all times.